Busted - Loner In Love tab

hey, hope these chords are correct. They should be 'cause they're from the official A
Present For Everyone chord book. Enjoy..

G                     D/F#
It was an amazing end to
the perfect day

Em7                    C(9)
Sun sinking low in the sky

G                             D/F#
We sat and watched all the dolphins,
swim in the bay
that crazy look in your eye

Am7                 G/B
   We ran in slow motion,
over the sand 
into the ocean
holding your hand
but then it gets hazy
and I lose you and then thats when...

I wake up scared to phone her
   D/F#                  C(9)
realise I'm a loner in love...Yeah
it's still the same old story
tears and morning glory no luck
       G/B                     Am7
that's the reason why my life sucks
very much, being a loner in love

(VERSE 2 - Repeat verse 1 chords) 

The next day I ran in to your,
current boyfriend
Told him what we did last night
before my story even,
got to the end
he challenged me to a fight

(BRIDGE 2 - Repeat chords for bridge 1)

I ran in slow motion,
away from him,
but he caught up with me,
and kicked my teeth in. 
now i've got no chance 'cause
I can't even grin
No, nothing's changing...

(Repeat chorus)

G     D/F# Am7
Ooh, ooh,  ahh
C(9)      D

(BRIDGE 1 - repeat)

(CHORUS - repeat)

Em7     C(9)                G
         being a loner in love

D/F#                          Em7        C(9)
        you know that it sucks
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