Butch Walker – Song Without A Chorus tab ver. 2

Artist: Butch Walker & Pink
Song: Song without a chorus
Tabbed by: Josie ... daddys_little_cutie@hotmail.co.uk

This song rocks!, and the other tab i found is a bit weird so i thought i'd give 
it a shot meself. 
Might not be 100% but it's pretty damn close. This is the live acoustic version by tut way.

(Standard tuning: E,A,D,G,B,E)

Intro - 

E //// A //// F# //// B //// x2

Verse 1 -

               E         A          F#             B
Well there's sand in my book from writing on the beach

            E              A            F#              B
trying to find a song for you that the ocean can only reach,

          A                 C#            F#                 E
and this beach is getting wider than my train of thought is long

           A              C#              F#          E
and each little grain of sand is other asshole poet song

         A                C#                F#              E    
so i'll try to get this right before the sunburn says i'm worng, says i'm wrong

Pre Verse -

B //// A //// C# //// F# //// 

Verse 2 -

   E                 A               F#            B
I keep on shooting clever guns that blow up in my face

          E                A              F#            B
and what good to say i'm sorry when this time it wont erase, 

          A           C#            F#              E
all the times i hit erase on every word you said to me

            A                  C#          F#          E
and just covered it up like dogsh*t on a pretty city street

         A                  C#          F#             E
just to not p*ss off the neighbors no wonder i can't sleep, i can't sleep

Pre Verse

B //// A //// C# //// F# ////

Verse 3

   E               A                  F#             B
A song without a chorus you know this is my first attempt

     E               A               F#             B
cuz that would only bore us and the title would go limp,

            A                   C#            F#              E
but these words just keep on shooting out my pen just like a gun

           A            C#         F#            E
and i'm aiming at your ears trying not to come undone

         A                   C#               F#       E
cuz you love the smell of gunshots and the company on one, thats no fun

Pre Verse

B //// A //// C# //// F# ////  (live versoin x2)

verse 4 - 

           E                A                F#              B
They'll probably say this sucks you know but i don't really care

       E                 A         F#               B
and i use the "gunshot" word so it wont get on the air,

             A           C#                F#                   E   
while the rappers do a driveby and smoke crack then thank the lord

          A                    C#              F#                 E
while a white-bread singer songwriter has to stand here looking bored

              A                         C#                 F#                
and while i'm at it i should probably mention that all the guns i used in 

my song were fake...


B //// A //// C# //// F# //// x3

not real, they were plastic, f*ck, get real, blast it

          A   E
i still love you

XD fun ...
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