Butch Walker - Vessels tab

Song: Vessels
Artist: Butch Walker
Album: Sycamore Meadows
Tabbed By: BeeMar

Standard Tuning (12 String preferred)

Intro: Am G x4
You said you've never give in
Never pretend that this is just a
Chapter for you

What do we do
I feel like this is war on a hill
A jack and a jill
Tryin to win a battle to do

What we never do is win

 F/C     C
Hurry it up
           G              Am 
Its coming at ya fast as you can run
      F/C          C
The silver of the tip of a 
  G           Am
Bullet from a gun is gonna
 F/C            C
Take you down, take you down
 G           Am        F/C          
And finally kill this love 

               D         G
We don't get along anymore
                     Bm           A
I saw his name and number by the door
                   D                      G      
You just take the bed and I'll take the floor
               Bm      A
We don't get along anymore 

Break: F/C, Am, C, G x2

Replay Intro

Theres the look in your eye
Magnified a thousand times
I see the vessels of blood
Swelling above the color that made
Me turn to red, when you turned your head
At the party we never saw

We went for it all I took you like i
F/C            C
Never gave you up
       G                 Am
Not a breath could come between the
        F/C           C
Bodies lying on the carhood
   G             Am
I think it says a lot that i
   F/C       C
Remember it all
        G         Am     F/C
Was it all just wasted love



E|----------------------3333333333---| \ B|---1--1--1------------0000000000---| \G|--2--0--0-------------0000000000---| \ x2D|-3--2-----------------0000000000---| / A|-------3--2--3--2-----2222222222---| /E|------------------3---3333333333---| /
Break Chorus x2
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