Butch Walker - Temporary Title chords

I am submitting this tab at the request of Balta.  He deserves all credit for this tab!!!

Temporary Title
tabs by Balta (www.baltamusic.com)

*my tabs not meant to mimic the album version,
but rather to play and sing along on your own.


Name  eBGDAE
C    - 01023X
Cmaj7- 00023x
Em  - 000220
F    - 112331
G    - 330023
Dm  - 1320xx
Am  - 01220x

C - Cmaj7 - Em - F - G=--------------------------------------------------------VERSE 1
C Cmaj7 I opened up a can of worms
Em F G CI could see myself hanging on to
Cmaj7It's gonna sting it's gonna burn
Em F (F-Em-)I can't win either way
=--------------------------------------------------------PRE CHORUS 1
Dm GAnd all the time
Em Am G FI will just find a way to lose you after all
GUntil then we'll carry on
=--------------------------------------------------------CHORUS 1
C G Woah...
Am Woah...
F GWoah oh oh oh oh...
C G Woah...
Am Woah...
FFFF - FFFF - F =--------------------------------------------------------VERSE 2 I took a lot of shots for you Some made my hangovers worse some days The movies that you sat me through Were never quite my taste =--------------------------------------------------------PRE CHORUS2 Don't get me wrong I've missed the way I used to use you after all
F G C C7But for now we'll carry on
=--------------------------------------------------------LA LA LA's F - G - C - C G - G - C - C7 F - G - C -> G/B -> Am -> G -> D/F#....G F - G F - G
F - G=--------------------------------------------------------CHORUS 2
Woah... Woah... Woah oh oh oh oh... Woah... Woah... Woah oh oh oh oh... =--------------------------------------------------------VERSE 3 We passed the bridge we made it through Do you feel different or are things the same The modulation never do Story is untold =--------------------------------------------------------PRE CHORUS3 And all I want is to get back to what I'm used to after all Until then I'll carry on =--------------------------------------------------------CHORUS 3 Woah... Woah... Woah oh oh oh oh... Woah... Woah... Woah oh oh oh oh...
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