Butch Walker - Canadian Ten chords

I am submitting this tab at the request of Balta.  He deserves all credit for this tab!!!

Canadian Ten
tabs by Balta (www.baltamusic.com)

*my tabs not meant to mimic the album version,
but rather to play and sing along on your own.


Name  eBGDAE
E    - 001220
A    - 00220x
B    - 24442x  or 20212x
C#m  - 45664x
F#  - 223442

=--------------------------------------------------------VERSE 1
E A ESunshine, you heal as much as you hurt
E A BWith regret in my veins and blood on my shirt
A ESure must have had myself a personal best
A It takes filling my lungs up with smoke
E BTo get things off my chest
=--------------------------------------------------------CHORUS 1
A ENow, I'm crossing the border
G# Cm - BWasted again
AWith a number
B E E-E-A-EFrom a Canadian ten
=--------------------------------------------------------VERSE 2 Oh Mother, oh Mother why must you complain I grew up alright so don't be ashamed My mouth has been cleaner And I may have lost all my faith Til I believe in myself I can't give my conscience away =--------------------------------------------------------CHORUS 2 And you're home with the dishes And I'm out with my friends Placing bets With a Canadian ten =--------------------------------------------------------VERSE 3 lalalala.... =--------------------------------------------------------BRIDGE And North of the border A sin is a sin When you pay With a Canadian ten =--------------------------------------------------------VERSE 4 I've searched for a reason to not search for you I feel like there's no place I haven't been through I told myself 'don't fall in love if you don't know their name' But my eyes are straight wired to my heart And bypass my brain =--------------------------------------------------------CHORUS 3 Sometimes I'm forgetful So I'll start at the end And call the number
.....C#m - F#On this Canadian ten
AAnd call the number
BOn this Canadian ten
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