Butch Walker - Hot Girls In Good Moods tab version 2

Hot Girls in Good Moods
written by Butch Walker
tabbed by Balta (www.baltamusic.com)

Standard Tuning - E B G D A E


E D A B C#m F#E|----0---2---0------------------------------------|B|----0---3---2---------5--------------------------|G|----1---2---2---5-----6----3---------------------|D|----2---0---2---9-----6----4---------------------|A|----2-------0---9-----4----4---------------------|E|----0-----------7----------2---------------------|
E|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|----------------------6--7----------------|D|----------------------6--7----------------|A|-----------(3 times)--4--5----------------|E|-0--0-3-4-5-------------------------------|
x 2 =========================================================VERSE1 E i got a girl that lives at the mall D she dances on the dark side of the disco ball A drives a silver mercedes, made in the 80s E swears and stares at the buckhead ladies E she straddles me lovely while she scratches my back D while she sings all the words to my hidden tracks A from my heart of a record, far as i can tell E sounds like heaven and feels good as hell =========================================================CHORUS A B b-b-b-b-baby yer so hot
C#m F#ya g-g-g-g-g-give me everything i got Ac-c-c-c-c-c-can ya tell me how to not not Blove a hot girl in a good mood
intro riff x2 =========================================================VERSE2 E back before i ever even knew how you felt D when i was just a teenage bullet belt A making really heavy music in a bandana band E playing spring break parties in the redneck sand A B your lips are like a work of art.. god i wanna tear them apart.. ========================================================= CHORUS intro riff x 1
BRIDGEE|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|----------------------8--9----------------|D|----------------------8--9----------------|A|-----------(3 times)--6--7----------------|E|-2--2-5-6-7-------------------------------|
x 2 CHORUS intro riff x 2 BREAKDOWN E - D - A - E x10000
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