Butch Walker – Mixtape tab

standard tuning E B G D A E
capo 2nd

    A2     E2   C#m   B       F#m    F#m   E    D    A

the intro is A2 -> E2 A2 You say hello E2 Inside i'm screaming I love you A2 You say goodnight E2 In my mind i'm sleeping next to you A2 you drive away C#m from a car crash of a hurt B and I don't know CHORUS------------------------------------- A E cause you gave me the best mixtape I had A E even all the bad(sad) songs ain't so bad(sad) A F#m I only wish there was more than that A2 E2 A2 E2 about me and you --------------------------------------------- A2 you talk to him E2 and it burns me like the sun A2 you talk to her E2 and you say that you feel like he's the one A2 I talk to me C#m cause you can't hear the pain I feel B and you don't know CHORUS (you gave me the best...) BRIDGE---------------------------------------------- E Don't turn around and say "bye again" D cause it crushes my head when you call me your friend A i'm not the same person from back in the day B in back of the class that you thought was gay E no I can't find the words cause i lost them the minute D they fell out my mouth it's love and I'm in it A so give me your lips and just let me kiss them B or let's get messed up and drunk and listen to the ---------------------------------------------------- CHORUS (Best mixtape....)
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