Butch Walker - Song Without A Chorus tab

Song Without a Chorus  ---Featured at www.myspace.com/butchwalker
Joey V
This is the first song I ever tabbed, so cut me some slack and please make any corrects
and update this….but it generally sounds pretty good.

Standard Tuning-----I use a capo on the 2nd fret..but it isnt needed

E A5 B6 B5 B5* B5***E------------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------4-----------------------------------------------|G----1------2-----4------4-------------4--------4------------------------|D----2------2-----4------4-------------4--------4------------------------|A----2---------------------------------2--------0------------------------|E-----------------4------2-----------------------------------------------|
INTRO: E, A5, B6, B5 (various picking or strumming) E A5 B6 B5 Well there's sand in my book from writing on the beach E A5 B6 B5 trying to find a song for you that the ocean can only reach A5 B6 B5 E and this beach is getting wider than my train of thought is long A5 B6 B5 E and each little grain of sand is some other asshole poets song A5 B6 B5 E so i’ll try to get this right before the sunburn says im wrong, says im B5* wrong B5*** -----B6-----B5 (Same chord progression through the whole song)
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