Butch Walker - Dont Move tab version 1

Hey!  Ok, this song is killer song, like this is one of those songs you make out with
to, or at least sing when you drive your car.  If you live in Grand Rapids, this song was
on the GRD Bootleg 3 and it's one of the best songs I know.  This is almost 95% right, 
I experimented with a couple other tabs and experimenting.

E|--------8-------8-------8-------8----------7---7----7----7----------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|----10------10------10------10----------5----5----5---5-------------|D|--10------10------10-----10-----------7-----7----7---7--------------|A|----------------------------------0~~-------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| (This is intro / verse. Play twice through for intro, then play verse)
E|--------8-------8-------8-------8----------7---7----7----7----------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|----10------10------10------10----------5----5----5---5-------------|D|--10------10------10-----10-----------7-----7----7---7--------------|A|----------------------------------0~~-------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| Come on in sunlight... As I get used to you It's all gonna be alright... I did all I can do And as I'm waiting for those eyes To say whats on your mind
E|------------10------10------10-------10------x--------------------|B|---------------------------------------------x--------------------|G|-------12--------12------12-------12---------x--------------------|D|----12---------12------12-------12-----------x--------------------|A|---------------------------------------------x--------------------|E|---------------------------------------------x--------------------| I think I finally found the words to say... (Palm mute a measure, then go intois how the accoustic version I know is played)
F Am So Baby don't move at all F Am Cause you're about to break my fall G Stay where you are, starin' at the stars F Don't ever move at all Verse 2: So many black and white Are made to be so blue We've all got our wars to fight But I won't fight with you If I could just get your attention I'd never let it go Until you've felt what I am gonna say.... Chorus: Bridge: F Why's it gotta be that everybody's gotta see the sadness? Everybody's lonely G We don't have to be lonely baby yeaah F Oh I can move you like an earthquake Listen to me as my head shakes G I want you, I need you I can't live without you, baby!!!!!!!!!! Chorus: After Chorus end on this...
Ok, that's it, I got nothin' else, any comments? E-mail me at Hockey61guy@yahoo.com that's the end to another great day of High School. Got a Conference meet to run, and 48, rainy and 20 mile per hour winds (Fun) To all the guys and gents out there...love The Blakester P.S. If Amber ever reads this, yeah, I'm thinkin' about you girl...Love ya
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