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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 16:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CRD: Love Lessons by Tracy Byrd

Song: Love Lessons
Artist: Tracy Byrd

Intro:  E D/A   /B7   /E   /      D   /A   /
                            Don't be a
                    A          B              E
Verse:  Don't be a /fraid, dar/ling, you can /tell me /
             D   A         B                E
        what it /takes to /make your world /turn    /
                 A                    B
        If your /willing there's time/     and/
        E  B7/D#  C#m  B          A
        if your  /so   inclined, /      /
        just give me a sign./     /

                      E                           F#m     B
Chorus: I wanna take /love   /lessons, baby from /you,   /
             A                    B        F#m           B
        what/ever it is you want,/ I want /to please you/
                      E                           F#m    B
        I wanna take /love  /lessons, baby let's /go.   /    /
        A                   B               E        D A
        Teach me everything/ I need to know/     /    /     /
        B7    E         D
             /     /     /

Verse:  Take my hand, let's talk about us
        Whisper soft what you're thinking of.
        I wanna hold you tight,
        Won't you show me how tonight.
        Let's turn down the lights.


End:    Teach me everything I need to know
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