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Subject: b/b_y_r_d/no_woman_but_cry.crd
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 07:14:14 PDT
From: Lubos Novy 

This is great song from new czech pop group.

No woman but cry

    G                               D
1. I have never known if you want to know
              G                       D
   what I feel to you all my life
         G                          D
  I`m sure that what you want is to know
          G                  D
  that just somebody relly want you
                 G                      D
 to be with somebody can only help you so
     Em     G        D
 so try to think of me

2. I`m not sure if I should still wait for you
   for your reasons, for my questions, for your answers
  Lying beside you I ask myself
 what happend to us I need a change but in which way.
Ref. No woman but cryyyyyyy
                   G                               D
       There is no woman but there`s a lot of cry
     Em             G                   D
       no woman but cry, that`s what I feel.
Ref. again

(guitar solo)

3.What would happend if nothing would that I don`t know
  and what would happend if I did  any noncence
  better would be to tell me what you feel right now
  so please don`t be crazy.

(guitar solo)

 If I made any mistakes please correct me.
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