Byrds - Feel A Whole Lot Better tab

A  A2 A A4 A A2 A A A2 A  (No E strings this line only.)
/  /  / /  / /  / / /  /

A  A2 A A4 A A2 A A A2 A    A  A2 A A4 A A2  A A A2 A
          The  rea-son why.         Oh, I can  say- ay.

A  A2 A A4 A A2  A A A2 A   E                       F#m     B7
          I have to let you go  ba-by.  And right a-way-ay.

B7              A  A A2 A A4 A A2  A A A2  A  D      D
Af-ter what you did.           I  can't  stay o-on.
D                    A                E
And I'll prob-a-bly  feel a whole lot bet-ter,
E           D        E7      A
when you're go-one.  /////// /

A A A2 A A4 A  A2 A A   A2    A                 A4   A
            Ba-by for a long  time.(Ba-by for a long time.)
A                              A4 A
You had me be - lieve.
                   (You had me be-lieve.)
A                      E                              E7  E
That your love was all mi-ine.(That your love was all mi-ine.)
E                           F#m             B7
And that's the way it would be.  (Ah  ah ah ah.)
B7           A              A4  A
But I didn't know.(But I didn't know.)
A                         D        D
That you were put-ting me on-o-on.
D                    A                E
And I'll prob-a-bly  feel a whole lot bet-ter,
E           D          E                 A2 A A2 A A4 A A2 A A2
when you're go-o-one.    Ah, when you're go-one.

A2 A A2 A A2 A A2E---------------------------------------------14-14-12----|B----12h14-14-14--12h14-12-12-----12h14-14-14----------14-|G-14---------------------------14-------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------|
A2 A A2 A A2 A A2E------------------------------17-17-------------------|B-12-12h14-14-14--12h14-14-14-------------12-14--12-12-|G-------------------------------------14---------------|D------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------|
A2 E A2 E A2E----7-7-7-7-7-----------7-7-7-7-7-------|B-10-----------10-10-10------------10-10-|G----------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
F#m B7 A A2 A A4 A A2 A A2E-------------------7h9-7----------7\9---|B---7-7-7--7---7-10-------10-7--10-------|G-9----------9---------------------------|D----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|
A2 A A2 A A2 A A2 A A2E----7-9-9--7-9--7h9-9--14-12-------------|B-----------------------------14-14-14-12-|G-----------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
A2 A A2 A A4 A A2 A A2 A A2E------------------------------------------------|B----12-14-12-----15-14-12-----12-14-12----14-12-|G-14-----------14-----------14----------14-------|D------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
A2 A A2 A A2 E A2E-------------------------------------------------------|B-12h14-14-14-14--12h14-14-12-12--10-12-12-12-12--12-10-|G-------------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------|
A2 D Gmaj7/E A2 AE-----------------------------------------|B---7h10-10-10--10-10-7---3-3h5-5-5-3-----|G-9-----------------------------------4-2-|D-----------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
A A2 A A4 A A2 A A A2 A A4 A / / / / / / / / / / Now I've got to say.(Now I've got to say.) A A4 A That's it's not like be-fore-ore.(That it's not like be-fore.) A E E7 E And I'm not gon-na play-ay-ay. (And I'm not gon-na play.) E F#m B7 Your games any-more-or-ore. B7 A A4 A D D Af-ter what you did.(Af-ter what you did.) I can't stay on-o-on. D A E D E And I'll prob-a-bly feel a whole lot bet-ter when you're go-one. E A2 A E A2 A Ah, when you're go-one. Ah, when you're go-one. E A2 A A2 A A2 A Ah, when you're go-one.
A A2 A A2 A A2E-------------------------------|B----10h12-12-12--10h12-12-10---|G-14----------------------------|D-------------------------------|A-------------------------------|E-------------------------------|
A2 D A Gmaj7/E A2 AE-----------------------------------------------------0-|B---7h10-10-10--7h10-10-7--------3h5-5-5--3h5-5-3-----2-|G-9-----------------------9----6------------------4-2-2-|D-----------------------------------------------------2-|A-----------------------------------------------------0-|E-----------------------------------------------------x-|
Chord diagrams: A Asus2(A2) Asus4(A4) F#m E7 E B7 x02220 x02200 x02230 244222 022130 022100 x21202 D Gmaj7/E x00232 x55430 E,B,G,D,A,E = guitar strings, \ = slide up, h = hammer on. The A chord sequences are not as hard as they might appear. From the standard A chord add the little finger for the A4 and remove the ring finger for the A2 Tabbed from: The Byrds Mr.Tambourine Man. Original Mono LP from the 1960's and the same titled stereo CD. Same for both.
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