Byrds - Here Without You tab

Intro: EmE----------------0-|B----------------0-|G-0--------------0-| 2xD----4-2--4-2-0--2-|A----------------2-|E----------------0-|
Em D Em A Em A 1)Day - time just makes me-e feel lone - ly. 2)Words in my head ke - ep re-peat - ing. A Em D C C 1)At night I can on-ly drean a-bout you. 2)Things that you said when I was with you. And I Em D C D 1)Girl you're on my mind. Near-ly all of the time. 2)won - der is it true. Do you feel the same way too? D C G 1)It's so hard be-in' he-er-ere D D2 D4 D D2 with-out yo-ou.
E----------------0-0-2------0-3-2--0-|B----------------3-----3-------------| (Go to verse 2)G----------------2-------------------|D----------------0--------0----------|A----------------x-------------------|E----------------x-------------------|
D C G2)It's so hard be-in' he-er-ere D D2 D4 D D2with-out yo-ou. Be-in'E---------------0-0-2------0-3-2--0-|B---------------3-----3-------------|G---------------2-------------------|D---------------0--------0----------|A---------------x-------------------|E---------------x-------------------|
C A Em ///////////// he-er-ere, with-out you. Chorus: Em G Bm C A Though I know it won't last, I'll see you some-day. A G Bm C C C It seems as though that day will come nev-er. // / // C G Bm C A But there's one thing I'll swear, though you're far a-way, A C A F F F I'll be think - ing a - bout you for-ev-er. // / // F Em D Em A Em A 3)The streets that I walk on de-press me. A Em D C C The ones that were hap-py when I was with you. C Em D C D Still with all the friends I know and with all the things I do. D C G It's so hard be-in' he-er-ere D D2 D2 D with-out yo-ou. Be-in'
C A B F#4 B4 F#4 Bhe - ere, with-out you. // // / /E----------------------------------------2-|B----------------------------------------4-|G----------------------------------------4-|D----------------------------------------4-|A----------------------------------------2-|E----------------------------------------2-|
Chord diagrams: Em A D C F G Bm B 022000 002220 x00232 032010 x33211 355433 xx4432 224442 Bsus4(B4) Dsus2(D2) Dsus4(D4) F#sus4(F#4) 224452 xx0230 xx0233 224422 E,B,G,D,A times to play chord at these spots. The rest of the chords are played with typical Byrds rhythm. Tabbed from: The Byrds. Mr. Tambourine Man CD
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