Byrds – Eight Miles High chords ver. 3

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Eight Miles High chords
The Byrds

Em F#m G D CEight miles high and when you touch down
G D C Cmaj7You ll find that it s stranger than known
Em F#m G D CSigns in the street, that say where you re going
G D C Cmaj7Are somewhere just being their own
Em F#m G D CNowhere is there warmth to be found
G D C Cmaj7Among those afraid of losing their ground
Em F#m G D CRain gray town known for it s sound
G D C Cmaj7In places small faces unbound
Em F#m G D CRound the squares huddled in storms
G D C Cmaj7Some laughing some just shapeless forms
Em F#m G D CSidewalk scenes and black limousines
G D C Cmaj7Some living some standing alone
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