Byrds - Spanish Harlem Incident chords version 1

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Spanish Harlem Incident chords
The Byrds (Bob Dylan)


G C G C GGypsy gal, the hands of Harlem,
C Gcannot hold you to it's heat
C G Your temperature's too hot for taming,
C Gyour flaming feet burn up the street.
C G C GI am homeless, come and take me,
C G C Dinto reach of your rattling drums.
G C G CI got to know, babe, all about my fortune,
G C Gdown along my restless palms.
G C G C GGypsy gal, you got me swallowed,
C GI have fallen far beneath
C G C GYour pearly eyes, so fast and slashing,
C Gand your flashing diamond teeth.
C G C GThe night is pitch black, come and make my,
C G C Dpale face fit into place, ah, please!
G C G CI got to know, babe, I'm nearly drowning,
G C Gif it's you my lifelines trace.
G C G C GI been wondering all about me,
C Gever since I seen you there.
C G COn the cliffs of your wildcat charms I'm riding,
G C G I know I'm around you but I don't know where.
C G C GYou have slayed me, you have made me,
C G C DI got to laugh halfways of my heels.
G C G CI got to know, babe, will you surround me,
G C Gso I can know if I'm really real.
G C G C G Set8
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