Byrds – Everybody Has Been Burned tab

   * = Em Em/C Em6

 Em  Em/C Em6             Em/C
Everybody has been burned before
Em   G/C   D         E    Esus
Everybody knows the pain
G              A9    G             A9
Anyone in this place can tell you to your face
Cmaj 7   B7           Em *
Why you shouldn't try to love someone
Em    Em/C      Em6 Em/C        Em   G/C  D         E   Esus
Everybody knows it never works  everybody knows and me
G           A9   G           A9          Cmaj 7
I know that door that shuts just  before you get
       B7     Em *
To the dreams you see


Em             Em/C Em6         Em/C
I know all too well how to turn how to run
Em             G/C   D               E     Esus
How to hide behind a bitter wall of blue
G           A9      G                A9
But you die inside  if you choose to hide
Cmaj 7        B7   Em        Em *
So I guess instead I'll love you

    From the "Younger Than Yesterday" LP Columbia Records 1967
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