Byrds - You Wont Have To Cry tab version 2

Intro: A4 A A4 A4 A A4 A A4 A4 A A4 A4 A A4 / / / / / / / / / / / / / /E----------------------------------------------|B---3---2-3----3-2-3---2-3----3---2-3----3-2-3-|G----------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A-2--------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
A4 E A Abm B Oh, you know it makes me sad to see you feel so bad. B A C#m But it's hap-pened to you, C#m F# B7 B9 B7 many times be-fore.
B7 B9 E A Abm F#m7But if you will come with me, then girl you will see.E A F#7 B7 B9 B7That you won't have to cry any-more.E-----------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------0--0-0--0-2-4--2-0-|G-----------------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------|
B7 B9 E A There's no rea-son to feel blue. A Abm B Be-cause of what he says to you. B A And I would'nt want A C#m F# B7 B9 B7 to see yhou hurt no more.
B7 B9 E A I could nev-er do you wrong. A Abm F#m7 'Cause my love for you's too strong. E A F#7 E E E E7 E E7 E E7pE E7 E7 E / / / / / / / / / / / / And you won't have to cry any-more.
D B7 E A(1) Oh, I saw you there with tears in you eyes. D B7 E A(1) B7 Be-cause he told you so ma-ny, ma-ny lies. B7 B9 E A Abm B Oh, you know it isn't right, to put your - self up tight. B A By think-in' 'bout A C#m F# B7 B9 B7 the things he's done be-fore.
B9 E A Abm F#m7 Just trust the love in me, and girl you will see. F#m7 A F#7 A F# That you won't have to cry. No, you won't have to cry. F# A F# No, you won't have to cry, F# E E E E7 E E7pE E7 E7 E E7 any-more. / / / / / / / / / /
Chord diagrams: Asus4(A4) A(intro) E A Abm B C#m F# xx2230 xx2220 022100 577655 466444 224442 446654 244322 B7 B9 F#m7 F#7 E7 D A(1) 021202 021220 242222 242322 022130 x00232 002220 E,B,G,D,A,E = guitar strings, p = pull off. This song has some really nice background rhythm played off of the chords. Listen for it. Tabbed from: The Byrds. Mr. Tambourine Man CD.
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