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From: (Rick L)
Subject: Jack Tarr     The Byrds     Chords/Words
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 19:53:35 GMT

The Byrds     Jack Tarr The Sailor        written by Roger McGuinn

Corrections provided by Roger McGuinn

Dm                   C           Dm   C        Dm
When first I came to Liverpool I went upon the  spree
                                                    C           A
Me  money  at  last  I spent it fast got drunk as  drunk could be
     Dm                                             C      A
And  when my money was all gone  it was then that I wanted more
      Dm                   C                   Dm    C        Dm
But a man must be blind to make up his mind to go to sea once more

Dm C  Dm C Dm

Dm                     C           Dm       C      Dm
I spent the night with Angeline to drunk to roll in bed

Me watch it was new and my money was too
                     C         A
And the morning with them she fled
    Dm                                                C         A
And as I roamed the streets of  Bath the whores they all would roar
      Dm                 C
There goes Jarr Tarr the poor sailor
        Dm    C        Dm        Dm  C   Dm  C  Dm
He must go to sea once more
Dm           C                Dm       C       Dm
As I walking down the steet I ran into Rapper Brown
                                                C         A
I  asked him for to take me in and he looked at me with a frown
   Dm                                               C       A
He said last time  you was on board     with me you job no  score
         Dm                         C
But I'll take your advance and I'll give you the chance
         Dm          C        Dm    Dm C Dm C  Dm
And I'll send you to sea once more
Dm                           C            Dm            C     Dm
They shipped me aboard of  a whaling ship bound for the Artic Sea

Where the cold winds  blow thru the frost and the snow
         C         A
Jamaica  rum would freeze
    Dm                                         C       A
A'las I had no luck with my gear for I left my money ashore
       Dm                       C            Dm            C      Dm
It was then that I wished that  I was  there safe with the girl's

Dm C Dm C Dm

Dm                C                 Dm     C     Dm
Come all ye boat seafaring lads who listen to my song
                                                   C        A
And when you come off them long trip pray that you don't go wrong
Dm                                                      C       A
Take my advice  drink no strong drink don't go sleeping with no whores
        Dm                     C                Dm       C      Dm
But get married lads and have all night  in and go to to sea no more

       From the "Ballad Of Easy Rider"  LP  Columbia Records 1969
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