Byrds – Set You Free This Time chords

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Set You Free This Time chords
The Byrds *


DThe first thing that I heard you say when you were standing there
Bm D ASet in your way was that you were not blind
DYou were sure to make a fool of me cause there was nothing there
Bm D AThat you could see that could go beyond your mind
ENow who's standing at the door remembering the days before
E7 E DAnd asking please be kind?
A E AIt isn't how it was set up to be but I've set you free this time
DI have never been so far out in front that I could ever ask for what I want
Bm D AAnd have it any time
DKnowing this you found a thought for me that told you just what I should be
Bm D AAnd there I stood behind
EWith all the ones that went before and memories that always seems to
E7 E DTear me from my mind
A E AIn front of what it is you seem me to be I've set you free this time
DI could never find a chance to choose between a way to win or a
Bm D Athing to lose because there was your stand
DOn top of all the love you took
Bm D AThere was only something you can look at lying in your hand
ENow who's wondering what has changed and why it can not be arranged
E7 E DTo have each thing work fine
A E AIt isn't how it was set up to be but I'll set you free this time
D Bm A . . . * Alternate: Capo II D = C Bm = Am A = G E7 = D7 E = d Set8
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