Byrds – If Your Gone chords

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If You re Gone chords
The Byrds 1965 (Gene Clark)

G F GIf I need you to me your everything
F C D Dsus2 DIf I have you if I love you just the same
G F GIf your here the night is likely going to fall
F C G Gsus4 GIf your gone I'll see the daylight in that song
G F GIf I stand alone understanding what is now
F C D Dsus2 DIf I ever need someone to show me how
G F GIf the daylight can be hidden by the sun
F C G If your gone then I'll know why I miss someone
G F GIf I love you if I know how much I care
F C D Dsus2 DIf I find the things you wanted anywhere
G F GIf I know you I may never know your name
F C G Gsus4 GIf your gone then there is nothing that remains
Break.. Set8
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