Byrds – Chestnut Mare chords

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chestnut mare

(12 str gtr)

D F#m Bm G Em A7-----2-------2-------2---0-----------3-------3-------0-------0---|---3---3---2---2---3---3---3---3---0---0---0---0---0---0---3---2-|-----------------------------4-----------------------------------|-0---------------4-----------------------------------------------|---------4-----------------------------------------------0-------|---------------------------------3-------2-------0---------------|
D F#m Bm G Bm A7always alone never with a herd
D F#m Bmprettiest mare ive ever seen
G Bm A7youll have to take my word
G Bm Em A7 D F#m Bm A7im gonna catch that horse if I can
G Bm Em A7 D F#m Bm A7and when i do ill give her my brand
G Bm Emand well be friends for life
G Bm Emshell be just like a wife
G Bm Em A7 D F#m Bm A7im gonna catch that horse if I can
verses Well I was up on Stony Ridge after this chestnut mare I'd been chasin' her for weeks now. Oh, I'd catch a little glimpse of her every once in a while; she'd be off takin' her meal, or bathin'; she was a real fine lady! This one day I saw her standin' over there in a clearing, so I snuck up to her nice and easy. I waited for the wind to blow just the right way, and I got my rope out and I flung it in the air! Well I got her, and I'm pullin' on her, she's pullin' back like a mule tryin' to climb up a ladder. I take this chance and I jump up on her. Danged if I don't land right on top of her the first time. Well she takes off, runnin' up on to that ridge, higher than I've ever been before. We're runnin' along just fine, and then she sees a sidewinder, all coiled up ready to strike. Well that spooks her, and she jumps off the edge holdin' on! And we were falling down this crevice, about a mile down there I'd say! I look down and I see this red thing below us. Turned out to be our reflection in a little pool of water, about six feet wide, and only one foot deep, and we're comin' down at it! Finally we hit and we splashed that pool dry. Well that's when I lost my hold and she got away. But I'm never gonna' give up, I'm gonna' get her again some day!
bridge D7 C Em-----2-----------2---------------0-----------------|---1---1---1---1---1---1-------1---1---------------|---------2-----------2-----------------------------|-0-----------0-----------------------0-------------|-------------------------0-2-3---------3-2-----0---|-------------------------------------------2-3---0-|above the clouds higher than eagles were glidingover the moon straight for the sun we were ridingbehind us black walls below us a bottomless canyon
G D---------3-----------3-----------2-------3-2-0-------0-|-------0---0---0---1---1---0---3---3---3-------3---3---|-------------------------------------------------2-----|-------------0-----------0---0-------0-----------------|-------------------------------------------------------|-0-2-3-----------3-------------------------------------|suspended in the skymy eyes were filled with lightfloating with no sound
D7 C Em-----2-----------2---------------0-----------------|---1---1---1---1---1---1-------1---1---------------|---------2-----------2-----------------------------|-0-----------0-----------------------0-------------|-------------------------0-2-3---------3-2-----0---|-------------------------------------------2-3---0-|gulls far below seemed to be suddenly rising
G Bm Am---------3---------------2--0------------|-------0---0---0-------3----0------------|---------------------4------2------------|-------------0-----4--------2------------|----------------------------0------------|-0-2-3-----------3----------0------------|exploding all around
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