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Subject: b/byrds/bad_night_at_the_whiskey.crd
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 1997 13:20:46 GMT

The Byrds  Bad Night At The Whiskey written by R. McGuinn/Joe Richards

G                 F
Pushed me off the street today
G                    F    Em Dm  F Em F
The light in my eyes gets in the way
G                   F
Of the darkness you pushed me in
C             Em                Am          D7
You say  that it's a sin  we're hanging around
G                  F          G                F      Em Dm F Em F
You told me not to sing today you say my music gets in       the way
G        F           C       Em
Cause it walks on in just as you begin
Am                         D7
Bringing my soul brothers down
D                   C       G                  Bm
And although you're smiling your hate will not cease
D                 C        G                    A
So just face yourself babe and leave my soul in peace


G                     F        G                  F  Em Dm F Em F
Well I'll stay out of your way if you keep out of mine
G               F                C
If I only could let the evil go, oh you know,
Em                     Am  D7  G
We'll both go down in fire

       Copyright @ 1969 Blackwood Music Inc/McHillby Music Publishing
       From the "Dr Byrds and Mr Hyde"  LP Columbia Records  1969
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