Band Of Horses – The First Song chords


Amaj7 E (repeat) [Verse]
Amaj7The shaking awful, I'm shaking, asshole
EIn weather remote
Amaj7The snowfall, oh
The snowing, the color
EWe recover from, oh
Amaj7The Christmas-time coming
Hangover approaching
EWe've been drinking for months
Amaj7This Christmas-time though, I'm coming over
E B EComing from the north
B Amaj7I'm already done
E B EWrapping up
B Amaj7 Ethe presents I bought
Amaj7Overcoat, now take me anywhere, oh
EWe've suffered enough
Amaj7Scary to leave
EWhen they're leaving from work
Amaj7They're cutting us off
EKnowing not why
Amaj7They're calling on the telephone
E BRoy,
E B Amaj7 do I know anyone?
E BNo,
E B Amaj7 E I don't know anyone
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