Bayside – Hello Shitty chords

[Verse 1]
D F#/A# It seems that you're keeping me down
BmAnd it just seems pointless
GTo work this thing out and
C B What's holding me back?
EmA lifelong friendship's not worth it
A Bm G AI'll hide this one deep underground
[Verse 2]
D F#/A# Convenience can comfort you now
BmBut the words that you said
GYou can never take back and
C B I'm warning you now
EmWhen you realize you made a
Amistake I'll be sure to kick
Bm G Ayou while you're down
Bm G I gave you this gift (I gave you this gift)
D ANow I'm here alone and I'm paying for it
Bm G Our light's almost out (Our light's almost out)
D A ABut I'll smile again the day that you figure out
D Gm I was all that you had
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