The Horse chords with lyrics by Beach Fossils - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Beach Fossils – The Horse chords

G  D C x4

[Verse 1]
G D CI couldn't talk to you
G D CBut I loved to walk with you
G DI drop from the sky
CRight as you say goodbye
G D CForever have haunted our dreams
[Break] G D C x4 [Verse 2]
G D CI lost my heart for you
G D CAnd I set it free for two
G D CStones of the ground are coverin' lines
G D CThat I never once knew were there
G D CThe horse of you
G D CThe horse with your hands to the sky
G D CWe turn back again and I turn in my head now
G D CThe horse is no longer undone
[Outro] G D C x4
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