Beans On Toast – A Whole Lot Of Loving chords

EDon't blame the immigrants, The poor, or the unemployed,
A EThese are not the ones who are to blame.
EThe country's fucked that's obvious, by the swan song of the NHS,
A Ebut the flood warnings came long before the rain.
A E B7And it's in these times of trouble, that fascism rears it's head, and the UK Independence
EParty are just the BNP in a different dress
A E B7They're still the same old homophobic racists as before, They're probably sending junk mail
Efull of hate to your front door,
A Aand they've got, billboards on the high street, telling you you should be scared, 'cause these
B7 Eevil motherfuckers, they capitalise on your fear.
A EBut I'm not worried about the worries of the world anymore,
B7 EI'm gonna get in the jacuzzi,
A E B7 EI wish that everybody would just chill the fuck out, And get busy, being happy
A EWe need a spiritual revolution, I believe you Russell Brand,
B7 EWe need food and we need shelter, friends and family at hand,
A EAnd apart from that we don't need nothing,
B7 Eexcept a whole lot of loving
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