Israel chords with lyrics by Bee Gees - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bee Gees – Israel chords


[Verse 1]
G B Em Em7/B You've had your troubles, Israel, I've seen them all
C D G But you put the writing on the wall, Israel, Israel
[Verse 2]
G B You know I've seen you fall so many times
Em Em7/B C D G I've cried for you and that's a crime, Israel, Israel
EmIsrael, where there's sand, where there's beautiful sand
CIsrael, you know you got a kind of feeling, that's just grand
G B Em C GAhh, take me into your arms, let me be with you
D GLet me be with you, Israel, Israel, Israel
[Verse 3]
G B Em Em7/B C I like the smiles up on your people's faces, they make you feel warm embraces
A DAnd I want that kind of smile, that kind of smile
[Verse 4]
G B Israel, you make the whole world think about you
Em Em7/B C AAnd if they don't they'll find a reason, to shout about, Israel, Israel
D G You're the only one, Israel, Israel
Em CIsrael, tell me all about it. Tell me all about it, Israel, tell me all about it
G B Em Em7/B C DAhh, take me into your arms, and make me feel your goodness, be with me Israel
Em CIsrael....Israel
G B Em C G D G Take me into your arms, let me hold, hold you to myself. Oh, I want to, Israel
Em C G B Em C G D GIsrael, Israel, take me back into, into your arms, Israel, yeah, Israel
Em CIsrael, Israel...
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