Blackmores Night – Diamonds And Rust chords


DmWell, I'll be damned
BbHere comes your ghost again
FBut that's not unusual
CIt's just that the moon is full
DmAnd you happened to call
DmAnd here I sit
BbMy hand on the telephone
FHearing a voice I'd known
CA couple of light years ago
DmHeading straight for a fall
DmAs I remember your eyes
BbWere bluer than robin's eggs
FMy poetry was lousy you said
CWhere are you calling from?
DmA booth in the Midwest
DmTen years ago
BbI bought you some cufflinks
FOh, and you brought me something
CWe both know what memories can bring
N.C. DmThey bring diamonds and rust
[Instrumental] Dm Bb F C [Verse]
DmWell, you burst on the scene
BbAlready a legend
FThe unwashed phenomenon
CThe original vagabond
DmYou strayed into my arms
DmAnd there you stayed
BbTemporarily lost at sea
FThe Madonna was yours for free
CYes, the girl on the half-shell
DmCould keep you unharmed
Am GmNow I see you standing with leaves falling around and snow in your hair
Am GmNow you're smiling out the window of that hotel over Washington Square
Bb FOur breath comes out white clouds, mingles and hangs in the air
Gm F A7Speaking strictly for me, we both could have died then and there
DmNow you're telling me
BbYou're not nostalgic
FWell, then give me another word for it
CYou were always so good with words
DmAnd at keeping things vague
Dm'Cause I need some of that vagueness now
BbIt's all come back too clearly
FOh, I loved you dearly
CIf you're offering me diamonds and rust
N.C. Dm Bb F CI've already paid___
Dm Bb F CDiamonds and rust
Dm Bb F CDiamonds and rust
Dm Bb F CDiamonds and rust
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