We chords with lyrics by Bon Iver - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bon Iver – We chords

Gm  Cm  Gm  Cm X2

Cm GmFor only takers, stand and take in where you are
Cm GmTurn around and face it, you're adjacent to the scar
Fm"I want mine here though"
EbWe heard that story before (Woo, hahaha)
Cm GmWhat you think we're taming with the towers and the oar?
Cm GmYou keep evading boy, you putting me flat on the floor
Fm EbIt's okay, you were young when you were gave it
EbBut you stayed there
BbAnd you’d expect it when we photograph our scars
AbSome lonely fable that we took in then right from the start
Bb FmI want it back
Bb FmI want it back
FmWon’t you tell me how to get it back?
Bb FmI want it back
Bb FmI want it back
BbWhy won't you tell me how to get it back?
Bb Fm Bb Fm X2(My, my, my, my)
Eb BbI'm coming over for another story told
Eb BbI'm saying homie that it's not what you been sold
AbIt's hardly what you'd know
Eb BbThe ordinary something neither of us holds
Eb BbNo folding gold for protecting from the lords
Ab BbWho's that really we leave out in the cold?
Eb BbBut they're depending, so you just keep giving pause
Eb Bb"I must defend it", oh, the tariffs hit you hard
Ab GmJust keep adding up boy, you'll be below regard
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