Brand New – Out Of Range chords


A    E

Bm D A BmHide in a stork's mouth
G D A BmSleep 'til it's dark out
F#m C#m DAll dressed up holding your receipts for the numbers that you picked
F#m C#m DYou in a box full of your mistakes and a leaden crucifix
[Intrumental] F#m A Bm D 2x F#m A E Bm D 4x [Verse 1]
F#m A Bm DIf hearts were all made like they were balls of yarn
F#m A Bm DWell they've all got the strings that get tugged on your heart
F#m ASome are different lengths
Bm DSome would be stronger than others
F#m A Bm DAnd some would be the colors of your mothers and fathers
[Instrumental] F#m A Bm D 2x [Verse 2]
F#m A Bm Dmaj7Do old structures stand the same as any older man?
F#m AA place where something used to live
Bm DBut in the end just turns cold
F#m A Bm Dadd9Am I a torn up, tattered, worn out piece of fabric
F#m A Bm DNot suitable to stitch up a rip?
F#m ACause I'd like to be tightly braided
Bm AGold and silver bracelets
F#m A DThe type you'd like to wear round your wrist
F#m A BmAs we lay
D F#m A BmWe start to pray
D F#m A BmAs we lay
D F#m A BmWe start to pray
F#m AAnd in the places you go
Bm DYou'll find these people you know
F#m A Bm DAll sewing patterns into clothing that you've called your own
F#m AAnd in these smaller designs
Bm DThere's something larger you might find
F#m A Bm DThat people's hands have worked together to make up the parts of you
F#m C#m
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