Bread – Look At Me chords


[Verse 1]
Em Bm7I'm driftin' down the street
Em Bm7Asking of all I meet
C BmDon't you know me from somewhere
C BmHazel eyes and curly hair
C Em A/E Am/E EmHave you seen me anywhere
EmLook at me
D CI'm blending into the wall
Am Em And I wonder if I'm really here at all
Em(Same as intro)
[Verse 2]
Em Bm7Time goes by so do I
Em Bm7But no one blinks an eye
C BmMirrors aren't reflecting me
C BmLaws aren't protecting
C Em A/E Am/E EmAnd no one's expecting me
EmOn the edge
D CI feel like I'm going to fall
Am Em And I wonder if I'll ever land at all
[Bridge] Em B/D# D A/C# C Bm7 C D Em [Interlude]
Em(Same as intro)
[Verse 3]
Em Bm7Loneliness comes and stays
Em Bm7Torturing nights and days
C BmPeople stare but cannot speak
C BmHearts are strong but tongues are weak
C Em A/E Am/E EmMaybe all our minds are meek
EmLook at me
D CI'm fading into the floor
Am Em And I wonder if I'm living anymore
Em(Same as intro)
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