Theme To Piñata chords with lyrics by Bright Eyes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bright Eyes – Theme To Piñata chords

GI wish I had a parachute
C D'Cause I'm fallin' mad for you
GI can see the ground approachin' now
C DBut I'm not sure what to do
Em A7I feel like the pinata
C DOnce you take a swing at me
EmIf you could just crack the shell open
C D GI think inside you would find something sweet
GAnd I hear you're like a hunter now
C DYour footsteps in the leaves
GAnd I would gladly leave my hidin' place
C DI'm hopin' to be seen
Em A7So let your arrow fly and sing
C DI'm well within your aim
Em A7Lay your traps for a thousand miles
C D GPlease don't let me escape
GWinter came to Omaha
C DIt left us looking like a bride
GA million perfect snowflakes now
C DAnd no two are alike
Em A7So it's hard for me imagining
C DThe flaws in this design
Em A7I know debris, it covers everything
C D GBut still I am in love with this life
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