Bryan Adams – Help Me Make It Through The Night chords

[Verse 1]
ATake the ribbon from your hair
A7 DShake it loose and let it fall
E7Layin' soft upon my skin
ABack the shadows on the wall
[Verse 2]
N.C. ACome and lay down by my side
A7 D'Till the early mornin' light
E7All I'm takin' is your time
AHelp me make it through the night
[Verse 3]
N.C. A7 DI don't care what's right or wrong
AI won't try to understand
BLet the devil take tomorrow
E7Cuz tonight I need a friend
[Verse 4]
N.C. AYesterday is dead and gone
DAnd tomorrow's out of sight
E7So damn sad to be alone
AHelp me make it through the night
DI don't wanna sleep alone
E7 ASo help me make it
D A E7 AThrough the night
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