Butterfingers – Epitome chords

Bb Bb Bb Bb

[Verse 1]
Bb Fm EbOut of out of an observation through an undead nation
Bb Fm EbShould I believe in things I've never thought is right
Bb Fm EbA narrow opening, lips burning, drink too sour
Bb Fm EbAnd if you see a kite we could be flying high
[Music Bridge] Bb Bb Fm Eb [Verse 2]
Bb Fm EbAnd if it's ok that now you're laughing over someone
Bb Fm EbAnd i'm sure you will have a happy time to be
Bb Fm EbAnd if you touch the sky your feet hand glide on upside
Bb Fm EbThe smile is seize to siege for everybody so.. Why ?
[Music Bridge] Bb Bb Fm Eb [Verse 3]
Bb Fm EbAnd I was wrong quite right cha' never told me to shut up
Bb Fm EbThere are crazy things that trying to be hide
Bb Fm EbI stay awake all night as long as I have me..hey..
Bb Fm EbBury a cheese of mice so we could be nice for life
[Music Bridge] Bb Bb Fm Eb Bb Bb Fm Eb Bb Bb Fm Eb [Outro]
Bb Fm EbHow?how?how?
Bb Fm EbHooooo.......OOOooooo
Bb Fm EbHooooo.......Oooooooo
Bb Fm EbSo i need you..
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