Cady Groves – Youd Say chords

Cady Groves <3
"You'd say"
tabbed by houstonladd

Note: I'm not positive about the very end of verse 1 and the first part of the 
bridge, but the chords I put still sound good :) 

Standard Tuning

Chords used:

A-   002220
B-   x24400
C#-  x46600
E-   022100

E   A   C#   B   (x2)

Verse 1:

C# I tried so hard
A B to make you see yourself, clearly
C# you said-take it away,
A B i can't take the pain
you said you believed
B E A Oh Oh Oh
B E A Oh Oh Oh
E A You just kept getting farther and farther
C# away i tried to save you
B but it never added up to much
E cause you'd say
i'm fallin
A farther and farther
C# B A and everybody sees.
C# Verse 2:
C# Wish I could make this start
wish i could make this start
A B over
C# i screamed-take it away
A i can't take the pain
B whoa
Chorus Bridge:
C# E Every single day i tried to tell you
A you were beautiful
C# E but most of the time you never saw yourself
A for what you really were
C# E A i told you i believed
C# E A i believed in everything
C# A B i believed i believed in everything
C# you said
any corrections let me know!
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