Caedmons Call - Before There Was Time chords

Verse 1:
DBefore there was time
AThere were visions in Your mind
EmThere was death in the fall of mankind
G But there was life in salvation's design
DBefore there were days
A There were nights I could not see Your face
EmBut the night could not keep me from grace
GWhen You came and took my place
A G D So I cry holy only begotten Son of God
AAncient of days
A G D I cry holy only begotten Son of God
EmAnd sing the praises
G Of the One who saved me
AAnd the promises He made
Verse 2:
DBefore there was time
AYou counted the hairs on my head
EmYou knew all the words that I've said
GAnd You purchased me back from the dead
DBefore I was made
AYou searched me and knew my ways
EmYou numbered all my days
G And You set forth the steps I would take
(Chorus) Bridge:
Bm G Bm GYou saved me; You raised me
Bm G Em GYou saved me; You pulled me from the grave
DBefore there was time
---------------------- Blessings! ~
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