Caedmons Call – Free tab

Caedmon's Call
From "Raising up the Dead"

This song is so good...

Entire song (except bridge)
E - G#m - A - Am

Verse 1
Around my neck is a beautiful stone
I made it from the good that I've done
It is close to my heart with a meter of its own
but the weight it bears on me from the good I want to be
it cuts me in half, a blade, a sword, a golden calf

Verse 2
Now I am sinking under the load. I see it was only fool's gold
And it falls on me, brings me low
Around His neck He carries the stone
He takes my burden, makes it His own
And it takes Him down, the bread, the wine, the golden crown


Verse 3
A rose shoots up from the ground
the sky cracks open, sun through the clouds
the old has changed, the earth, the bride, the family name

F#m            G#m             A              B
Broken down and shot through, all the good I mean to do
the prison shakes, the man goes free, I am Him and He is me


Little lead riff played on the cello and xylephone. Sounds pretty good on aguitar with some swells and delay. e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--9--8------------9--8-----8---------4--6--5---9---------------------|D|---------9--6-----------9---------6----------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
For the chords, play them like this: E G#m A Am F#m Be|--0----0----0----0----0----0--------------------------------------|B|--0----0----0----0----0----0--------------------------------------|G|--9----4----6----5----2----8--------------------------------------|D|--9----6----7----7----4----9--------------------------------------|A|--7----6----0----0----4----9--------------------------------------|E|--0----4--------------2----7--------------------------------------|
(If you can't get those root notes on the G#m and F#m with your thumb, just mute the E string) If you have any input or corrections, Check out my blog for more info and let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!
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