Caedmons Call - Another 10 Miles tab

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Another 10 Miles---Caedmon's Call-----------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
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Derek: clean guitar (Capo-3)


Just repeat this over and over. The best way to finger this: 2nd string: 1st finger 3rd string: 2nd finger 4th string: 3rd finger 5th string: 4th finger 6th string: loop thumb over It will take time to get used to pulling that 3rd finger up, just keep practicing. It will come. Verse 1: -------- The changes are really fast, so I'm not gonna put chords over words. I will put the part, it is only 4 strums, and it is just repeated over and over. Work on playing it muted, it sounds better. Also, in the middle of each verse, one riff of the intro is thrown in. It is obvious when you listen to the record.
The best fingering for these: First one, the one like a G: 1st string: 4th finger 2nd string: 3rd finger 6th string: 2nd finger, also muting 5th string 3rd string: (the hammer) 1st string Bridge 1: --------- Bm7 Cadd9* Bm7 A Bm7 Cadd9* Chorus: ------- Just play the intro part over and over... (Sax solo) Verse 2: (Same as verse 1, see above) -------- Bridge 1 (Same as above) Chorus (Same as above) Bridge 2: --------- Bm F#m A E G D/F# Bb C D D7 (Percussion and Sax solo) Bridge 1 (Same as above) Chorus Chorus ------------------ Chord Signatures: ------------------
E|-3---2---0---2---2---2---0---1---0---2---2---0----|B|-3---3---2---3---3---2---0---3---1---3---1---3----|G|-0---2---2---4---2---2---1---3---0---2---2---0----|D|-0---0---2---4---4---4---2---3---2---0---0---2----|A|-2---0---0---2---2---4---2---1---3---x---x---3----|E |-3---2---x---x---x---2---0---x--(3)--x---x---x---|
__G_ D/F# A Bm Bm7 F#m E Bb C D D7 Cadd9*
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