Caedmons Call - Forget What You Know tab

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Forget What You Know---Caedmon's Call-----------Transfered by Asa Gaston
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First off: if you are here, you may have come looking for the version 
of this song on the first CD.  It is not here... (but it is not risen).  
Derek and I both agreed, with his vote counting about 100 times more 
than mine, that this 2nd version is far superior; really the only one 
worth knowing.  So the older version is not gonna be available.  Sorry!
  A quick note on my notation in this song:  sometimes you will see the
letter h in front of a chord.  This means strum down, and then hammer on
the chord.  For example, the tab of a hE would be:
--0-----  You will want to really hammer down hard, or else
--0h1---    the sound will be lost.  Also, the higher your
--0h2---    action, the harder this is to do.  If you are
--0h2---    lost, just e-mail me.  Listen to the CD and it 
--0-----    will help.

  Finally, be sure and look at the chord signatures at the bottom,
as some chords are played barred, not open, and will only sound right,
as well as be able to be played smoothly, if these particular forms
are used.  Again, just mail me with any questions.


Cliff: Clean Guitar (playing in E)

  (Derek only; Cliff does not play)

Verse 1:
hE       hAsus2   C#m      A
hE       hAsus2   C#m      A
hE       hAsus2   C#m 
A        hE       hAsus2   C#m      A
Bridge 1:
C#m      A        A        B        C#m
C#m      A        E
C#m      A
F#m      D

Chrous 1:
E    open-A
E    open-A   
E    open-A
E    open-A

Verse 2: (Same as Verse 1)

Chorus 2:
E        open-A
open-B   open-A
open-A   open-B   open-A
E open-Aopen-B open-AEopen-A open-B open-A
(Solo) Play verse chords over it: hE hAsus2 C#m A Bridge 2: (Same as Bridge 1 above) Chorus 3: Play Chorus 1, then Chorus 2 until out... Play verse riff and then stop as Derek, then cajon drums lead out. ----------------- Derek: (Capo 2 --> His part is in D) ------ Intro: This is _fast_ and is built around a Dsus2 chord. Practice, practice, practice... it is played through all the verses also.
This is repeated about a million times, i didn't even try to count. It doesn't change until the bridge Verse 1: -------- Play intro riff Bridge: (These changes are along with Cliff's... finally, an easy part!) ------- Bm G (G A Bm) Bm G D Bm G Em C Chorus 1: (Changes at same time with Cliff) --------- D G D G D G D G Verse 2: -------- Go back to playing intro riff Chorus 2: (Changes at same time as Cliff's) --------- D G A G D G A G (Solo) Bridge 2 (Same as Bridge 1, see above) Chorus 2: (Same changes as Cliff's) --------- Play Chorus 1, then Chorus 2 through Outro: ------ Intro riff over cajon drums, end on strummed Dsus2 chord ------------------ Chord Signatures: ------------------ Cliff: (clean)
hE hAsus2 C#m A E F#m D open-A open-B ---- Derek (all given relative to capo)
Bm G A Em D
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