Caedmons Call - Its Christmas Time tab

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It's Christmas Time---Caedmon's Call-------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
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Capo 1st Fret A E D A7E--X--0--X--XA--0--2--X--0D--2--2--0--2G--2--1--2--2B--2--0--3--0e--0--0--2--0
Intro: A~A7 (going back and forth) Verse 1: --A - A7 - A~A7 --D-- A - A7 - A~A7 --D-- Chorus: -D--E -A--D --D--E---A~A7 A~A7
Bridge (gloria):A-D-A-EA-A7-A-A7-A-EA-D-A-E
Verse 1, Chorus, ad lib if youre singing this and want handbells: Verse 1 has: B, A, F Verse 2, towards the end of the last line, the progression is: G-A-A#-C-D Last verse: C, D, A... Chorus, before second time: G-A-A#-C-D with those, you can ad lib thru the whole song
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