Caedmons Call - Jar Of Clay tab

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Jar Of Clay---Caedmon's Call---------------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
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  Em  G  Asus2  C
  Em  G  Asus2  C

*NOTE: many of you are going "What!", because this intro is just chords,
and obviously the recorded version is all picking.  Have no fear; the tab
is here: :)
-----0----------3----------0----------0------ -------0----------3----------0----------1---- -----------0----------0----------0--------0-- --------------------------------------------- ------------------------0----------3--------- --0----------3-------------------------------
---- Em ---- ---- G --- - Asus2 -- --- C ---- This entire sequence is repeated over and over... the key is to be *very* clean; it is easy to pick a string and accidently mute it. Practice, practice, practice! Verse: *NOTE: The chords are not played here; they are picked, exactly as in the intro. Use the same pattern and be consistent; it will help.* Em G Asus2 C Em G Asus2 C *NOTE: At this point, the chords are somewhat strummed. Pick the bass note, then strum the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strings (the 3 high ones). You will pick this up on the record, listen to it.* Em G Asus2 C Em G Asus2 C *Strum C here for 2 measures* Chorus: G G Em C D G G Em C D Bridge: C C-up (See tab at bottom for this chord) C C-up Chorus (Same as above) (Solo) *NOTE: Over the solo, just play the same intro pick pattern.* Verse (Same as above) *NOTE: This time, the verse stays the same, but pick the chords throughout, instead of changing to strumming the second half. This will make sense when you listen to the record.* Chorus Bridge Chorus Chorus Bridge C C-up ----------------------------- I know I kept repeating "Bridge" and "Chorus", but the song is the same 3 parts over and over, the main Em-G-Asus2-C thing, the chorus of G-Em-C-D twice, and the C-'C-up' thing over the bridge. That's it! Derek's part over the verse is almost impossible to get in one sitting, so we have yet to totally tab it out. His solo will also come later, as more people want the chords to the entire CD than the solo to one song. I'll get to work on that stuff soon, though, I promise! But, if you do have a second guitarist, adding his part over the chorus will really add to the song. Here it is: Chorus: G G Em* C* D* G G Em* C* D* His chords are all different forms of Cliff's, and are listed below. All the changes are at the same time. Again (yup, I know you are sick of reading this!) it is very clear if you play over the record. ------------------ Chord Signatures: ------------------ Cliff:
G C D Em C-up ^ You should note this is simply sliding the entire C chord up a whole tone (2 frets), leaving the open strings open. (Thus my name, C-up. It is really like a harmonic D or something) -------------------- Derek:
G C* D* Em* ^ You should let you finger holding the 5th string drag, muting out the 4th string. Try it, it isn't too hard.
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