Caedmons Call – Saint And Sinner tab

Left handed
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Saint And Sinner---Caedmon's Call----------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
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Capo 4 A A2 B2 D D2 A7 Am7 G EE -0--0--0-2--0-0---3--3-0-A -2--3--5-3--3-3---1--3-0-D -2--4--6-2--2-0---0--0-1-G -2--2--4-0--0-2---2--0-2-B -0--0--0-X--X-0---0--0-2-E -X--X--X-X--X-X---X--3-0-
Intro The main riff is easy, you start on that A2, slide up to B2, slide back to A2, then just hammer off and on between the A and the A2 for fill. Listen to the song and you'll get it quick. V1: A D A D A A7 D2 A7 A CHORUS: D G D A D G D A7 A V2: CHORUS BRIDGE: E D A E D E [play main riff through a few times] CHORUS Outro (same as intro)
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