Caedmons Call - Stirring tab

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Stirring---Caedmon's Call-----------------------Transfered by Asa Gaston
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Cliff: (Capo 2, all chords relative to capo) 
  (Alt. Tuned guitar) 
   G                  G 
  There's a stirring deep within me 
   G              G 
  Could it be my time has come 
   G               G 
  When I'll se my gracious Savior 
   G                 G 
  Face to face when all is done 
   G                G 
  Is that His voice I am hearing   
   G            G 
  Come away my precious one 
   C     D       G    G 
  Is He calling me? 
   C     D       G    G   G   G 
  Is He calling me? 
   G           D 
  I will rise up 
   Em  C 
  Rise up 
   G       C 
  And bow down 
   G          C 
  And lay my crown 
   G      D       C 
  at His wounded feet 
  Strum G 
Chord Signatures: 
Cliff: (all given relative to capo)  
E|-3---0---2---0--- B|-3---1---3---0--- G|-0---0---2---0--- D|-0---2---0---2--- A|-2---3---x---2--- e|-3--(3)--x---0---
G C D Em
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