Caedmons Call - Standing Up For Nothing tab

Band: Caedmon's Call
Song: Standing Up For Nothing
Album: Caedmon's Call

Chords Used:
G/C   - x30033
G/B   - x20033
A7sus - x02030
G     - 320033
C2    - x32030
D2    - xx0230
Am7   - x02010
Fmaj7 - 133210
D2/F# - 200230
E7    - 020100
A#m7  - x12120
B     - x24442

Intro: G/C G/B A7sus Ge-------------------------------------------|B--------3----------3---------3--------3----|G----------0----------0---------0--------0--| x2D------0----------0---------2--------0------|A--2h3--------0h2--------0------------------|E---------------------------------3---------|
Verse 1: (use same picking pattern) G/C G/B A7sus G Well, I can't stop staring at myself; G/C G/B A7sus G My face reflected in this empty plate. G/C G/B A7sus G I can't decide if it's the devil G/C G/B A7sus G Or if it's just something I ate. G/C G/B A7sus G 'Cause he's been down there all morning. G/C G/B A7sus G He's patiently waiting at my gate. G/C G/B A7sus G He's throwing rocks at my window. G/C G/B A7sus G Hey won't you come on out and play with me?
Verse 2: G/C G/B A7sus G But everyday when I get up G/C G/B A7sus G I see folks trading in their crowns G/C G/B A7sus G for all these paper or plastic lives; G/C G/B A7sus G An opiate for the masses hounds. G/C G/B A7sus G And pride, like a vestige of lives lost. G/C G/B A7sus G It's the stench of the old folks coming 'round. G/C G/B A7sus G Now with the news I heard today, G/C G/B A7sus G I can't tell if this world is lost or found. Chorus 1: C2 D2 C2 You go; I'll be waiting here. D2 C2 And I'm awake, I cannot sleep. D2 Am7 So I'll sit upon this rock is you. I ain't standing up for nothing. Intro x2 Verse 3: Well, I've never seen my congressman, But I can't deny that he exists. 'Cause I've seen his legislation pass; I've seen his name on the ballot list. Same, I can't deny this fallen world. Though not my home it's where I live. How can I preserve and light the way for a world that I can't admit I'm in? Chorus 2: 'Cause I know who I say You are, But these crows can't be made to stop. So I'll sit denying by this fire I ain't standing up for nothing Intro x1 Bridge: Fmaj7 Lack of interest leads to, D2/F# Lack of knowledge leads to, G Lack of perspective leads to, E7 Lack of communication leads to, Am7 Lack of understanding leads to, A#m7 Lack of concern leads to, B This complacency denotes, C2 This approval denies D2 Truth Verse 4: But I can't stop staring at myself; It's my face reflected in this empty plate. And I know that it's the devil. Intro x1 Chorus 3: So You lead; and I'll be close behind. So You speak and I'll hang on Your words. You've got to lift me from this hardened tree, 'Cause I ain't standing up for nothing. Intro x4 End on G That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me:
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