Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down tab version 3

This is my first tab on here so... this is how I play the intro for the song, the 
other tab on here pretty much has the chords down right so...yeah

e|-------------|B|----5----5---| <--you can play this part on any other position, using thisG|---6-6--6-6--| patternD|--7----6-----| A|-------------| <--Play this as much as necessary and then hit that E|-------------| A power chord a couple of times
then this
e|----5----4|B|---5-5--5-|G|--6----6--| after this comes the that open E strum as much as D|----------| necessaryA|----------|E|----------|
then play the beginning part once and let the G string on the 6th fret ring
e|---------------|B|----5----5-----|G|---6-6--6-6----|D|--7----6-------| then this again A|---------------| E|---------------|
then play
e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|--------66666-------44444-|D|--77777-66666-44444-44444-| <-- 3xA|--77777-44444-44444-22222-|E|--55555-------22222-------|
then stum the open E chord as much as necessary
e|---------| e|---------| B|---------| B|---------|G|-----6---| G|---------|D|-777-6-6-| 3x D|-4444444-| <---play this all twiceA|-777-4-6-| A|-4444444-|E|-555---4-| E|-2222222-|
theres also a lead guitar part that you can hear
e|----------B|-15-------G|-17(hb)-14 but Im not really sure about thisD|----------A|----------E|----------
the next part goes like so
e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------| D|-2222-4444-7777777-| 3xA|-2222-4444-7777777-|E|-0000-2222-5555555-|
now for the nice quiet part, just strum each chord downward
then strum the open E chord again alot of times....alot! now just play the intro again and sometimes you can hear some sort of Hammer On every once in awhile at the end on the D string like an D|--56h7h So thats pretty much it! any corrections you'd like to make email me at Im a huge Cage The Elephant fan and recently I heard this song and fell in love with it jaja
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