Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down tab version 7

			    Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down
Tabbed by: Grant H.

Some other tabs have the correct chords but all the intros are incorrect. Here is an 
accurate one. Email me concerns about other parts of the song you can't find a good tab for.

First Part:e|----------------------|IB|------5-------5-------|IG|----6--6----6--6------|ID|--7-------6-----------|IA|----------------------|IE|----------------------|I
After the first chord strum:e|------5-------4--------------------------|B|---------------------7------7------------|G|----6--6----6--6---6--6---7--7-----------|D|--7-------7-------7------9---------------|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
Then there is another chord strum and the first part is played one time with a repeating effect on the last f note (6 on the b string). After that there is a tiny drum break and then the first part gets repeated about 10 more times.
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