Cage The Elephant – Back Stabbin Betty chords

Back Stabbin Betty

Cage The Elephant

I'm sure this isn't the real rythum guitar chords but I got them from this piano 
cover and it sounds pretty good if you use bar chords

A GA poor guy that man John Thomas
C D His woman truly was a devil
A GShe wasn't all that honest
C DShe tore him down on every level
A GYou're a no, good, lazy motherfucker
C DGot a, shit job you worthless motherfucker
A GYou're a, a dead beat, feel sorry for your mother
C DIf I had time, I'd trade you for another
EHe don't like that
DHe wants his life back
A G C DHe wants to go back home
A GHe tried so hard to please her
C DHe sold his soul to keep her happy
A GBut nothin' he did impressed her
C DShe always left him feelin' shitty
A GThis is it, no, this can't be all you bought me
C DSaid I'm, I'm high class, and this is what you brought me
A GGonna, strike low just like my momma taught me
C DYou're a low life, you're lucky that you got me
EHe don't like that
DHe wants his life back
A G C DHe wants to go back home
A GDown deep, way down inside him
C DThe will to leave was growing stronger
A GAnd he bit his tongue for so long
C DHe couldn't hold back any longer
A GYou're a two, faced ruthless instigator
C DYou're a low down, triflin' masquerader
A GYou're a cold bitch, controlling conversator
C DThis is too much, I'm out I'll see ya later
EShe don't like that
DBut he got his life back
ENo she don't like that
DBut he's right back on track
AI said he went back, home
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