Cairokee - Helmy Ana Acoustic chords

Song : Helmy Ana Acoustic
Band : Cairokee
Tabbed by : Snowflakes91
Tuning : Standard



Chords used : E Asus2 E||---0------0------||B||---0------0------||G||---1------2------||D||---2------2------||A||---2------0------||E||---0-------------||
E Asus2Anaaaa .. msh han7eny .. wala bantemy .. leek ya zamany ..
Anaaaa .. msh hatsened.. wala batweled .. feek ya zamany .. and so on till the end of the verse.. ====================================== [Bridge]:
Chords used : E7M F#m7add11E||---0----------0--------||B||---0----------0--------||G||---4----------2--------||D||---6----------4--------||A||---6----------4--------||E||-----------------------||
E7M F#m7add11Helmy Ana .. fe 3yoon el Naas ..
Leknoh Tah .. west el a7das .. then comes the chorus, ====================================== [Chorus]
Chords used : C#m E7M F#m7add11 E||---4----------0---------0------||B||---5----------0---------0------||G||---6----------4---------2------||D||---6----------6---------4------||A||--------------6---------4------||E||-------------------------------||
C#m E7MLaken Anaaaa ... mesh nasy ...
Anaaaaaaaaa ... mesh naasy ... F#m7add11 w mesh 2ader .. Abda2 youm gedeed then goes back to the beginning ... same chords for the second verse, bridge and chorus .. (Note: I'm not sure if the names of these chords are right or not, I got these names of the chords from Guitar Pro)
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