Caitlin Cary And Thad Cockrell - Conversations About A Friend tab version 1

Caitlin Cay and Thad Cockrell     “Conversations about a friend”
Tabbed by Kyle Stokes -- for any questions

standard tunning capo 2
G  320033
Bm x244322
Em 022000
Am x02210
C 032010

G         Bm            E 
Katie’s going to California
G                 Bm               E 
She read there’s something in the air
G            Bm                 E
She got her pockets full of dixies 
Am              C                 G
She just might make it half way there

Katie’s going to California
To see the ocean fine and red
She’s as fragile as begonias
Katie’s going to California
I think he might be going there

Em                                 Am
Didn’t speak his mind the way he wanted
C                            G
He told me time was running out
Em                           Am
Oh except for he had called her
C                             Bm
But you know we all had our doubts
Em                              Am
I heard her family didn’t like him
C                               G
Well its only chance they ever met
Em                              Am
Her daddy said he talker like Nixon
C                             Bm
Now there’s a line I can’t forget
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