Caitlin Rose - Sinful Wishing Well chords


My first tab, the original version of 'Wishing Well' by Caitlin Rose.

For the [bass walk] bit, which she does occasionally at changes from G to Em she 
basically just goes -3-2-0- on the top E string.
Also, for the opening G in the chorus she does strums once and sings the line 
before moving to the Em

Think that's everything, all the best!

G Emthough i don't know when I'll hit the bottom
C D GI been fallin for so long that I can't tell
G EmI know that you'll never hear me calling
C D GFrom the bottom of my sinful wishing well
[bass walk]
Em GI been makin lots of friends along the way
Em C Dand they all tell me you'll come back some day
GWish I could believe em
Embut my friends are so deceivin
C D Gand so full of all the easy things to say
Em Gevery poison penny as it falls
Em C Dcarves your poison name up on the wall
Gand they're piling up so fast
EmI can't make my wishes last
C D GI don't think They're doin any good at all
Emcause I been thinking hurricaines and
Cbullets fallin down like rain
D GI think of you and that's just when it starts
EmIn the dark you know I've seen it
CBut you know that I don't mean it
D Gfrom the bottom of my angry broken heart
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